My Tours

Photo Bike Tour

Experience Lisbon in a unique way with a private bike tour, personalized just for you and your group. It’s like having a good friend in the city who loves biking as much as you do! Here’s what makes our tour special:

Personalized service: We’ll communicate with you beforehand to arrange the best dates, bikes, and meeting place.

Authentic local experience: Starting from the artistic neighborhood of Anjos, we’ll explore Lisbon’s streets, squares, and riverbanks, stopping at the iconic Mercado de Ribeira for a taste of the famous Pastel de Nata.

Combination of bike riding and photography: As a professional photographer, I’ll capture your group’s best moments, stopping at two scenic locations for a photoshoot.

Emotional connection: Our tour is all about meeting people, discovering each other, and having fun. It’s not a standard industrial tour.

Optional artistic experience: At the end of the tour, I’ll take you to one of my favorite artistic places in Lisbon, where we’ll enjoy a last drink together.

Join us for a one-of-a-kind tour that combines adventure, photography, and human connection. Let’s discover Lisbon together!

Meeting Artists tour/ Artistic tour

Are you ready to discover the hidden world of art in Lisbon? If so, I have the perfect adventure for you!

Introducing the “Meeting Artists Tour,” a unique 4-hour experience that blends biking and photography to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the local art scene.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Explore artists’ workshops: With the artist’s collaboration, you’ll have the opportunity to visit their private workshops and gain insight into their creative process.

  • Visit exhibitions: You’ll get to visit exhibitions and galleries that are not always open to the public. This is your chance to see some of the best contemporary art that Lisbon has to offer.

  • Get an intimate glimpse into their lives: You’ll also have the chance to get to know the artists on a personal level. Hear their stories and learn about their backgrounds and inspiration.

And of course, this tour wouldn’t be complete without some biking and photography.

  • Biking: We’ll ride through the charming streets of Lisbon, taking in the city’s beautiful sights and sounds.

  • Photography: As a professional photographer, I’ll be capturing the experience so that you can relive it for years to come. You’ll also have the chance to take some stunning photos of your own.

Are you ready to discover the hidden world of art in Lisbon? Join me on the “Meeting Artists Tour” for an unforgettable adventure!